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Exercise Physiologist & Kinesiologist Helping you regain your freedom to move pain-free!

Services offered by Body Control

Mobility Rehabilitation

The new goal standard in manual soft tissue assessment, treatment and rehabilitation

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Movement Training

Develop mobility where needed, joint strength to avoid potential injuries and body control to enhance performance.

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Our Goal

...is to provide the highest quality of service and treatment that is possible by completing on-going professional training above and beyond those required by our professional associations

...is to design and provide effective treatment strategies that address the patient's primary concerns

Our Commitment

...is to provide referrers with an ease of mind by working closely with each one to ensure all their expectations are met.

...is to provide fair and accurate assessments of patient's health

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Appointments can usually be scheduled within 1-2 weeks. All information is kept confidential. The more information you provide the easier it is for us to take care of you appropriately.

Rates & Fees

We are an ICBC-approved health service provider and can provide medical receipts for quick reimbursement from third-party insurers.

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