Exercise Physiologist | Kinesiologist Helping you regain your freedom to move pain-free!

Reactive Recovery Kinesiologists are passionate about helping people increase their physical independence, return to work, return to recreational activities and add more movement. We have several kinesiology programs to help clients with clinically documented medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) injuries, metabolic disorders, neuromuscular diseases and mental illnesses maintain active lifestyles while improving their physical fitness and well-being.

Our Goal

...is to provide the highest quality of service and treatment that is possible by completing on-going professional training above and beyond those required by our professional associations

...is to design and provide effective treatment strategies that address the patient's primary concerns

Our Commitment

...is to provide referrers with an ease of mind by working closely with each one to ensure all their expectations are met.

...is to provide fair and accurate assessments of patient's health